Uncategorized August 15, 2012

UK harbours some of the globe's best leaders


UK business leaders are some of the best in the world, brushing shoulders with leaders in Hong Kong and Germany.

That's according to a study by SHL, cited by hrmagazine.co.uk, who also noted that Denmark, Brazil and Norway have a low supply of effective leaders.

The study, which identified the countries based on analytics from over a million people, found that the leaders of today can just as easily become the failures of tomorrow, such is the changing landscape of leadership talent.

One in three managers and professionals have the 'next tier' of potential leaders of tomorrow but in order to achieve this level, those engaging in leadership need to realise it is a long journey.

Paul Levitt, chief product officer at SHL, commented on the figures to shl.com: "Despite having a strong supply of leaders for today, the UK has a leadership time bomb on its hands if it doesn't invest in learning and development to cultivate its potential leaders and remain competitive.

"Rising education standards and a culture of entrepreneurialism are some of the many environmental factors that are driving emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Mexico and Turkey up the rankings for future leadership potential. These nations have a huge growth opportunity if they can identify, nurture and develop this potential," he added.

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