Work-from-home opportunities can help improve morale, advises expert



Offering employees the chance to work from home could both improve morale and help with maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Motivation expert Grady Winston, writing for, believes working from home can be a 'big stress reliever' for both employers and employees. In addition, it also helps save businesses money as they don't have the expense of hosting their work on that day.

"It's easier for some workers than others to fulfil their job obligations from home, but try to work with all of your employees to find an arrangement that works," he advised.

However, that's not to say a CEO can ignore communication with those working from home. suggests that employees must see their leader's concern demonstrated day to day with 'active communication'.

Winston continues by stating morale can be boosted in the workplace through 'employee appreciation days' which can take a number of forms - giving workers the day off, going to an amusement park or an afternoon work-party to name but a few.

He added: "Whatever your budget, this type of event can give you a chance to show your appreciation for your staff while helping to recharge their batteries. If funds are tight, be on the lookout for free pizza coupons or other price breaks that are often available for group orders."

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