Businesses must communicate Olympic leave policy, expert urges


Employers must communicate their plans for staff leave during the Olympic Games, a recruitment expert has warned, according to

Nicola Linkleter, managing director at Badenoch and Clark is encouraging businesses to formulate and publicise policies for the wider workforce to prevent problems, such as insufficient cover due to poorly-managed or unauthorised absence, occurring when the Olympic Games starts in July.

The advice has been made in response to startling survey results, which the recruitment firm found. It was discovered that, on average, 60 per cent of businesses still do not have any form of formal process in place to manage leave for those who have tickets for events.

Linklater asserts in that poor organisation will lead to"employee discontent, confusion and empty offices".

In Scotland, just 33 per cent of employees have been made aware of plans while in London, understandably is the most organised region, 68 per cent have received some sort of leave communication.

The survey found that the most popular approach is 'first come, first served'. However, previous research also found that 16 per cent of employees would consider 'taking a sickie' to watch an event, thus it is essential for all companies, from a huge corporation to an independent family business, to start advising staff.

"It is therefore important that employers firm up annual leave policies and contingency plans for possible staff shortfalls and communicate these policies to employees sooner rather than later," Linklater told

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