Businesses should reward whistle blowing, says expert


The culture of whistle blowing should be institutionally changed to reward those who disclose corporate wrong-doing, reports.

That's the opinion of Middlesex University employment law professor, David Lewis. He believes that businesses should create a culture that not only supports whistle blowing but is seen to reward it. Currently, the majority of employees believe that they would be penalised for highlighting any issues, some worried that they would lose their job.

Professor Lewis discovered that less than a third of FTSE 100 companies had visible information on their corporate websites concerning whistle blowing, which, after all, could save a company from financial or reputational damage. In his view, companies are not doing enough to promote the practice. Tackling the taboo is consequently an issue that a CEO should urgently add to the company's agenda.

"Employees need to understand that reporting wrongdoing in their company will not result in the loss of their job and intimidation from colleagues," Professor Lewis told

"If companies are prepared to protect, compensate or even reward whistle blowers, then other employees are more likely to confidentially report wrongdoing through the proper systems, ultimately avoiding embarrassing and financially damaging public disclosures for their company, made via the media or internet."

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