Cloud computing key to work/life balance


The adoption of cloud computing could be the key to achieving a healthy work/life balance, according to a new study.

Figures from IBM suggest that while high-ranking executives like a CEO are aware of the cost and resource benefits offered by the cloud, they aren't perhaps knowledge about the other benefits it can offer. These include significant strategic value and increased staff productivity.

According to the study, 67 per cent of senior managers surveyed had either already implemented cloud services or anticipated they would in the future, while 30 per cent of businesses intend to do so within the next two years, reports

Asked for their reasons for implementing cloud technology, 39 per cent agreed that greater mobility and flexibility for their workers - one of the key traits of a healthy work/life balance - was the driving factor for the installation of the technology.

Simon Porter, vice president of mid-market sales at IBM Europe, commented on the adoption: "Mid-market companies have understood for some time the financial benefits of the cloud, but we are now seeing an interesting shift to a new, more strategic level of thinking about what the cloud can deliver.

"[Businesses] are also increasingly looking at how the cloud can help expedite the move to a more mobile way of working for their employees, using smart phones and tablets to access key applications while creating a more flexible work/life balance," he added.

IBM's survey coincides with a report by Netsuite, cited by, which suggests that the UK is the number one market for future growth of cloud computing.

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