Employees value a "compassionate approach" to absence management


A positive attitude towards absence management can help a business attract and retain talent, HR Magazine writes.

The preliminary findings of the 'Sick Notes' report has found that a "compassionate approach" to sickness and wellbeing has a significant bearing on the way employees view their employer, those running a family business might be interested to learn.

Commissioned by risk insurer, Ellipse and researched by Professor Cary Cooper at Lancaster University, the report reveals that 72 per cent of employees were affected by their employer's stance on this issue. Just 15 per cent claimed it had no impact at all on their opinion of their employer.

Additionally, the importance of investing in absence management and wellbeing initiatives as a way to attract and retain talent was appreciated by 80 per cent of line managers.

The results clearly demonstrate that absence management and well being are considered by employees, existing and prospective, as a measure of the employer's value in its workforce.

Professor Cooper concluded at IFAonline.co.uk: "Increasingly, employees expect their employers to invest in their wellbeing and it is no longer a 'nice to have', particularly at a time when there is less headroom to increase salaries.

"Employees want to feel confident that their employers have their best interests at heart. Businesses should be seeking to embed wellbeing and absence management in their culture, regardless of their size, ambitions or industry."

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