Uncategorized December 12, 2011

Experts claim internal social networks could boost productivity

Experts claim that using an internal social network in the workplace could be more beneficial than emails, according to Fresh Business Thinking.

Whether working for a modest-sized family business or a huge conglomerate, internal emails are addictive, time consuming and, says social business specialist Bob Pike, "hopelessly inefficient". Not only do they clog up inboxes, but they slow communication.

Instead, Mr Pike is supporting the idea of an internal social network within the office, where employees can shoot off instant messages and receive instant replies. The speeding up of communication, he claims, can boost productivity and performance.

He asserts that the way information is shared is changing and that by "applying the open collaboration demonstrated so effectively by leading social networks to business, significant gains in productivity can be gained."

Additionally, Mr Pike noted that most young recruits favour social media over email, a fact he encourages businesses to take advantage of: "Social networking is now so prolific in everyday life...By tapping into this culture, businesses can adopt social networks for internal communications and as a result, become more social organisations overall."

His views follow the announcement yesterday that French IT firm, Atos has been banned from sending any more internal emails by their chief executive, Thierry Breton.

Mr Breton, defending his decision to BBC News, said that emails 'contributed to information pollution.' The ban forms part of a wellbeing initiative, designed to improve his employees' working conditions.

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