Uncategorized October 20, 2011

Experts dispense key leadership skills for new CEOs

Becoming a great leader is not as difficult as one might think, several industry experts have claimed.

They believe the necessary skills and talents required for inspiring leadership are not only simple, but can be easily developed by those with determination.

Leadership coach, John Maxwell, told Entrepreneur that staying calm, being authentic, recognising effort and having a genuine belief in people are fundamental competencies. He employs the latter by treating his team members like "10s".

"I treat them like 10s and as a result, they try to perform like 10s," Maxwell revealed.

However, while being optimistic about business prospects is encouraging, it can be short-sighted. That's according to  fellow expert, business advisor Beverly Flaxington. Therefore, the ability to identify obstacles is crucial for any new CEO.

Flaxington believes a smart leader should be able to step back and work out what the obstacles are, in order to accommodate them in the creation of any business plan

All of these tips can be categorised under the banner of social intelligence; which author and emotional intelligence specialist, Daniel Goleman, maintains is key for "make or break" leadership.

Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Goleman also asserted that "leadership is the art of accomplishing goals through other people." As such, he said that the key to top-notch leadership is the ability to "listen, communicate, persuade, collaborate." 

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