Family businesses leading way in equality, claims survey


Family firms are breaking the mould when it comes to board-level equality.

That's according to a survey by both Leeds and Nottingham University on behalf of the Institute for Family Business (IFB), which surveyed over one million listed firms regarding equality.

According to the figures, family firms were found to have a greater total percentage of female directors (44 per cent) than non-family firms (32 per cent), reports Fresh Business Thinking. Furthermore, small family firms appeared to be more likely to harbour board equality than large family firms.

Grant Gordon, IFB director general, commented on the figures: "UK business has to improve its record of creating opportunities for all to pursue careers at senior levels, and we are pleased to see the family business sector leading the way."

Furthermore Carrie Rubin, chair of the IFB Women's Forum, believes equality is rife in family firms because of their ethos.

She said: "The ethos of family firms often means that there is a greater appreciation of the talents and abilities of the workforce irrespective of gender."

As well as equality, family businesses are also well renowned for managing their finances prudently, according to Family businesses are also more likely to plan for the long-term than any other types of private enterprise.

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