Uncategorized April 3, 2012

Flexibility most highly valued benefit

The majority of executives prize flexible working more highly than financial incentives, new research has found.

A study carried out by market researchers, TNS, revealed that 59 per cent of executives - covering those in board, CEO and director positions - would pass over a salary increase if they could work away from the office. This is not surprising given that statistics show over half do not have the opportunity to work remotely.

In total, 69 per cent said that 'the ability to work anywhere, at any time, is very important', according to thegrapevinemagazine.com.

The Mobile Workplace study also found that 54 per cent of executives believed having access to the latest technology was crucial for work.

When ranking a range of benefits, the popularity of flexible working far exceeded a company car, an individual office and a personal assistant, at 30 per cent, 29 per cent and 24 per cent respectively.

"The research clearly points to an increased awareness and interest in work-related mobility," said Alexander Sovre, director at TNS Sifo to ITProPortal.com.

"Flexibility and mobility coupled with modern technology are very important factors, much more so than more traditional perks such as a corner office, a prestigious title or even a higher salary. According to the research, we are looking at a real shift in how people prioritise their working life."

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