Global Entrepreneurship Week launches


Thousands of events aiming to inspire and educate potential business owners are taking place across the UK in a celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The event, which aims to assist both those with aspirations of running their own business or CEOs looking for leadership training, began today.  

According to, many successful CEOs are taking the time to attend seminars and workshops; as well as sharing their experiences with those attending.

These include Martha Lane Fox of, Nick Jenkins of and Sir Keith Mills of Loyalty Management UK.

In an interview with Fresh Business Thinking, business and enterprise minister Mark Prisk claimed that it was important for the British public to be aware that there are still plenty of great opportunities to become a successful business owner.

He said: "I think such initiatives are really important because whilst we see bad news from the eurozone and so on, there is actually some great news out there.

"What businesses like and need is confidence, so what this week is about, combined with the other work we are doing in terms of business mentoring for example, is all about fostering that sense of confidence."

The coalition government has been especially keen to encourage entrepreneurs ever since they came into power with initiatives such as the Regional Growth Fund.

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