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Good recruitment gets best out of interims, report says

Use of an interim executive can help turn businesses around, says a new report, but only when the recruitment is managed effectively.

For those businesses that suddenly find themselves without a CEO or senior staff member, hiring an interim might be an ideal solution while temporarily navigating through uncertainty. Interims, after all, are usually available at reasonably short notice and come equipped with expertise and knowledge that is missing in-house.

There is a growing trend for hiring interims, reports recruitment-international.co.uk, as it proves an easy way to circumvent permanent recruitment restrictions and 'parachutes in top talent for quick results'. However, the introduction of a new senior staff member can leave current employees a little insecure about their own job.

To avoid such fears and the get the best out of the interim, the latest Hays Journal highlights the importance of effective management during the recruitment process.

Hays director Charles Logan asserts that in order to maximise interim expertise, decision-makers should be clear about exactly what they want an interim to do and define the role prior to commencing recruitment. Similarly, discerning and making use of their particular skills, be it motivating the workforce, problem solving or building a new team is key for avoiding the alienation of existing staff.

"This is critical for the management of the interim as well as giving them clear understanding of what is expected from them," Mr Logan told on-rec.com.

"Introducing interims to the existing workforce can be precarious and should be handled with sensitivity. It is vital that senior management make roles and responsibilities clear for everybody involved in the project."

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