Google launches business ideas portal



Google has launched Think a platform for sharing industry viewpoints to “help you navigate in the business landscape”.

Thanks to the O2 Ideas Room for finding this resource.

“The channel is basically a library of bite-sized videos of remarkable people speaking about what they think on topics such as marketing, digital, business strategy and consumer behaviour,” according to the O2 blog.

The video consists of CEOs, mostly from the UK and across Europe (not US) responding to specific questions like: “How does innovation affect the practice of management?”

You can search by industry, theme, company or interviewee.

As well as videos, and perhaps more immediately useful, are some practical Google search tools all in one place. They are, according to Google, “a list of free tools, blogs and websites that can help you reveal opportunity and achieve your business goals.”

These include: “Insights for Search, spot useful search trends to help map your next steps; YouTube Insights, receive insight on who is watching what so you can target your ads accordingly and Google Internet Stats, bringing together the latest industry facts and insights - perfect for your pitches and presentations.”

Roger Brownlie for Vistage

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