Home working not for everyone


Contrary to popular belief, working from home may not be the key to achieving that all-important work-life balance.

According to a study by academic Professor Timothy Golden, home-working might not be the right option for everyone.

The results, published by Mail Online, found that those working from home "struggle to escape the strains of family life and find that the amount of time they spend at home makes domestic disputes worse". Furthermore, "those who get stressed in an office simply get more stressed if they work from home."

It could dispel the automatic thinking that giving employees the chance to work from home in order to alleviate stress or anxiety is the best method to use. In fact, Golden's findings may even inspire a CEO to research alternative ways in which to facilitate their team's work-life balance; such as providing extra benefits or a company car.

Furthermore, the editor of workingmums.co.uk, Mandy Garner, had some other suggestions for the employees themselves.

Speaking to Telegraph.co.uk, she said: "I think what you have to do to avoid complete burn out is to be very [sic] firm about working hours and a have a clear demarcation between work time and home time. It's also good to have a separate area where you work and a separate phone line if you can afford it."

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