Business Employee Motivation September 2, 2014

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Team


If you imagine your office was a zoo and every morning you had to feed the animals so not only were they easier to handle but were receptive to the fee paying public, you would not feed them all the same food. In order to communicate effectively with your team you need to consider who they are and what they need.

Who are Your Monkeys?

Your creative sales and marketing team need (bananas), they are your monkeys. They need lively inter-action, colourful animation – similar to a packet of Star Burst - and they need it in short bursts, just like praise.

Who are your Lions?

The strong determined persevering types need (fresh meat), they are your lions. They want the best quality, they want it on time and you definitely don’t turn your back on them whilst you are feeding them just how they like their praise.

Who are Your Elephants?

The analytical detailed questioning group need (fresh vegetables and loads of grass), they are your elephants. They need it on their own terms, in their cage not in public and you will be amazed at how they perform and a quiet word in their ear is all the praise they will need.

Who are Your Dolphins?

The caring, sharing and nurturing team need (fresh fish throughout the day), they are your dolphins. They need to know that they are making a difference to the community, the environment and their families. If you share what a difference they have made to the organisation that is all the praise they need.

When we wrote our book It’s a zoo around here we wrote it as an effective zoo keeper and therefore many thousands of people have read it and are now influencing their companies inspiring their staff in the right way not their way.

Do you operate like a zoo or are you operating in the old fashioned way – it’s my way or the high way!

To find out which animal type you are visit our website and do our animal quiz.
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