Uncategorized May 15, 2012

Innovative recruitment could create competitive advantage

According to an industry expert, businesses should consider using more innovative recruitment practices to save time, help attract talent and create competitive advantage, freshbusinessthinking.co.uk reports.

Walter Hueber, CEO of online interview provider, Cammio, is urging businesses to explore more up-to-date techniques to better equip them for recruiting high calibre candidates. It's a message that's particularly pertinent for a smaller firm or family business that might be struggling to compete for talent against bigger companies.

Cammio research revealed that recruiters could be wasting as much as ten working days a year in interviews - averaging 25 minutes each - when they have made up their minds to hire within the first five minutes, if not earlier. It also found that the majority of interviews take place in locations other than the office, to which recruiters are spending 16 per cent of their week reaching.

"With tough economic conditions, businesses are actively competing for talent and poor quality interview processes could put organisations at a disadvantage," Mr Hueber told hrmagazine.co.uk: "With today's technologies, an interview can take place anytime, in around 15 minutes, at any location with an internet connection."

The poll also found that a quarter would like to interview more candidates, but simply did not have the time to do so. By using newer technologies and procedures, such as preliminary reasoning tests or video interviews, they might be able to make both cost and time savings.

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