Business Vistage Strategy August 25, 2016

Introducing the Business Leader's Library

Introducing the Business Leaders' Library

Over the coming months, we’ll be inviting you to download a series of eGuides that will cover the big subjects that SME owners and directors need a good grasp of. That includes harder-edged topics like finance and planning, along with the softer, but equally important areas, such as business culture and wellbeing.

At the same time, we’ll be running weekly posts on our blogs with insightful discussions on hot business topics interspersed with videos, interactive quizzes and infographics.

It’s All About Your People

Command and control is out, and a more human-centred approach is here to stay. It’s not just about the customer experience, crucial though that is. Our business and personal lives overlap, and employees - who may be going through relationship problems, for example, or buying a house - sometimes need a listening ear. Talent is a top issue in just about every area of the economy, and many organisations are struggling to recruit the right people and are keen to make their business more attractive.

Meanwhile, a widely-cited study found that almost half of the 2,000 SME owners surveyed cancel social plans at least once a week. Many business leaders admit to feeling lonely at the top, and in combination with today’s endemic work-life imbalance that can really throw your business out of kilter.

Helping You Hone Your Business Planning Skills

Many SME leaders have succeeded in growing their business without a strategy or plan in place. But does this organic approach, which may have served perfectly well until now, make scaling your business more challenging? And what is the opportunity cost of failing to plan? Even if your plans are robust, your business may be suffering if your managers don’t work to the same standard.

Business planning expertise is scarce among SMEs, and if you occasionally find yourself at sea with financial complexities, you’re not alone. We can help with clearly-written guides that take you through the basics to give your business the solid foundations you need to handle all of today’s uncertainties.

Innovating Your Business

Success for all sizes of business is increasingly tied to technology. Over a quarter of SMEs recognise the important role technology now plays in growth and other business outcomes, according to another recent survey. But innovation isn’t just about ‘next generation’ systems or ‘leading edge’ products and services. It’s about updating the broader ways that your business operates.

We can support you on the next stage of your journey to success and wellbeing. Our resources will help you identify business opportunities as well as personal skill development needs.

The Business Leader’s Library is the definitive collection of resources and insights for today’s successful MDs and CEOs. It focuses on the core skillsets leaders need to apply best practice and at the same time gives useful pointers for gauging business outcomes.

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