How executive coaching helped Queen’s Award winner Cloudfm reach new heights

3/19/2020 posted in Vistage

When Jeff Dewing founded Cloudfm in 2011, his vision was clear: to champion, and demonstrate, transparency, quality and value. 

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Vistage 2020 business priorities - Leadership

2/14/2020 posted in Leading, Not Managing, Vistage

In late 2019, Vistage carried out a survey to better understand business leaders’ priorities across the UK. Over 250 of our members took part, revealing the ‘real world’ concerns of business leaders.

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Meet Olympia London: a business winning thanks to Vistage Chair tutelage

10/30/2019 posted in Vistage

Here at Vistage, we’re incredibly proud to hear how being part of a Vistage group has helped our members to achieve great things. One such member is Anna Golden, commercial director at Olympia London.

The London-based exhibition venue is over 130 years old, having been founded in 1886. Formerly part of a bigger group of venues, the business responsible for running the venue has gone through a vast amount of change over recent years: including being sold to German investors in 2017. 

With so much change and reporting to overseas owners who have very little day-to-day contact with the business, Anna felt that she needed some support outside of Olympia London.

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Vistage UK Innovation for Growth Report: why innovation isn’t just a nice to have

10/2/2019 posted in Vistage

What is innovation? While its definition has always remained the same, what it means in terms of business success has changed significantly over the past decade. 

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Vistage Confidence Index: The top 5 priorities for business leaders in 2019

3/6/2019 posted in Vistage

The results of the first Vistage UK-IRL Confidence Index of 2019 are in.

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The Top 10 Vistage Blogs of 2018

12/4/2018 posted in Vistage

In an effort to put the year into perspective before Christmas descends, we've tapped into the minds of our members, speakers and Chairs to uncover the biggest challenges business leaders faced in 2018 and how they tackled them.

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What is the Vistage issue processing framework and why does it work?

6/26/2018 posted in Vistage

Vistage helps business leaders resolve issues in their businesses. We’re a community of experienced Chairs and members who support each other in solving problems, making decisions and accelerating business growth - and it works.

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‘Going knowingly into the unknown’: The adventure of life and businesses with Vistage Chair Paula Reid

6/12/2018 posted in Vistage

Memento mori  – Remember death

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Is Vistage right for you?

5/22/2018 posted in Vistage Members, Vistage

When you’re thinking of joining any group or organisation, the most obvious question is ‘why?’ In other words, what will you get and what are you expected to give? Simply liking the sound of something isn’t enough to make a commitment - you need to get specific about the purpose.

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The Vistage Ethos: What is it and why does it matter?

5/2/2018 posted in Vistage

Click on any corporate website, and the chances are you’ll find a page devoted to their company ethos. Why? Having a defined corporate ethos sets a culture, tone and character, creating a framework for individuals to come together and work as a collective. It’s also a reflection of the business’ core values and objectives.

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