Uncategorized December 9, 2011

Is technology improving work-life balance?

It is not clear to what extent technology is helping to improve the work-life balance of business professionals with children, says a Huffington Post blogger.

For many chief executive officers (CEOs) and other senior professionals, the introduction of smartphones and remote working capability has allowed them to spend more time at home with their offspring, noted Monica Gallagher Sakala in a recent post.

However she pointed out that it has yet to be seen how it affects children when their parents are constantly fiddling with their BlackBerrys or iPhones while at home, as they balance being a CEO with being a father or mother figure.

Ms Gallagher Sakala noted that many business professionals are pessimistic about how much of a work-life balance they can expect, adding: "I say enough of the work-life 'balance' debate. Own your choice, be proud of your decision and be realistic about its consequences on your career or your family."

The popularity of remote working has grown significantly in recent years, with employees often able to access internal networks from the comfort of their own home, where they can look after young children.

Writing for Forbes, Microsoft's partner group vice president Jenni Flinders accepted that remote working does not make it "effortless" to balance one's job with other responsibilities, but claimed the technology has helped.

In her view, it is easy to take for granted how simple it has become for many firms to connect with their employees off-site.

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