Uncategorized February 2, 2012

Leadership development is number one priority, survey finds

Leadership development for senior managers has been named a top priority according to a new survey, HR Magazine writes.

The Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2012, carried out by Henley Business School, revealed that around half of all respondents named this as their first or second concern. Many others stated that they would consider using learning and development to aid growth.

This suggests that respondents see leadership development as key for business growth - a notion that has not diminished due to the current economic "turmoil". 84 per cent of those polled said they would be carrying out the same or more learning and development training in 2012. 

Learning and development was also highlighted as key for middle managers, staff engagement, succession planning and managing change.

However this should not come at the expense of creativity, according to Chris Welford, director of Serco Consulting. He told Personnel Today that tomorrow's leaders need to generate ideas, view the world differently, challenge accepted norms and create conditions conducive to allowing the workforce to do the same.

Speaking about the survey results, Henley Business School's vice dean of executive education, Hugh Evans, said: "Respondents' comments echo the requirement expressed by our clients for development interventions that are pragmatic, that address current and future business challenges and that equip leaders to lead collaboratively, ethically and sustainably."

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