Leadership is more than just managing, says recruiter


Dynamic leaders, capable of adapting in an ever-changing business landscape make for the best managers, according to a leading sales and marketing agency.

JTG Consulting argues that while the domineering 50s style of barking management would rile employees today and put off clients, a laid back style of management - reminiscent of the 90s style - would similarly fail in today's climate.

According to Journalism.co.uk, JTG Consulting's manager, Johan Gericke says that as part of their leadership development, the most flexible managers will "develop the right mindset and skills in order to identify new opportunities before the competition does."

Gericke argues: "Being the next generation leader does not just mean being the boss of an organisation."

The expert, according to PR Log, is no stranger to successful leadership, having won an outstanding achievement award for running a profitable business. He revealed that good managers can improve by constantly monitoring the business environment around them.

"In order to achieve individual as well organisational success, a business leader needs to be constantly aware of the competition and the changes that are happening in the environment," he says.

In addition, they should never let go of wider developments with regards to the global economy and new technology. As a global society, these are increasingly important factors that help shape a 21st century leader, Gericke concluded.

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