Uncategorized March 28, 2012

Nearly half of British CEOs continuing to work through ill health

A significant proportion of British CEOs are continuing to work through ill health because they fear that their business will collapse if they take time off.

According to a new poll by BUPA, 40 per cent of CEOs are refusing to take time off in the current economic climate, even if they are ill. Around a third of those polled claimed their business would fail if they were to do so.

The survey provides an interesting insight into the amount of business owners struggling to keep their company afloat. It would appear that many would benefit from professional advice about navigating through uncertainty.

Tony Wood, who is a sales and marketing director at Bupa, has warned those running local businesses that working through ill health could eventually create bigger problems.

He told uspwire.com: "Small business bosses are real troupers. They are totally committed to running their firms in sickness as well as health. However, they need to think about to take care of their health needs and those of their staff, as working through sickness isn't a long-term solution for anyone."

The poll revealed that most small business employees are far more likely to take sick leave than their bosses. According to HR Magazine, it was estimated that 62 per cent of businesses are negatively affected by employee absence.

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