Uncategorized April 4, 2012

O2 trials flexible working day


An interesting experiment from broadband and mobile phone provider O2 has thrown up a number of positives regarding work/life balance, reports HR Magazine.

O2 asked 3,000 staff to not come into its Slough head office and to instead work from home for one day only, in a bid to highlight the positives of flexible working.

As a result, the firm drew up some figures; stating that 52 per cent found the majority of their time at home was spent working (52 per cent), while 16 per cent used it to catch up on sleep, reports Personnel Today.

Furthermore, 14 per cent of employees spent their time playing with their family, 12 per cent used it for relaxation and six per cent commuted elsewhere. In addition, just under nine out of 10 people found they were just as productive as normal - a figure which might impress a CEO thinking about adopting flexible working patterns.

Ben Dowd, business director for O2, commented on the experiment: "It proves that with the right thinking and planning, even the largest organisations can protect themselves from the most severe disruptions to their business.

"It shows that given the right preparation and communication, conservative presenteeism-based attitudes to work can be changed, with great benefits for both managers and staff. It shows that businesses really can make significant and lasting reductions to their environmental impact, in a multitude of areas," he added.

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