Uncategorized January 16, 2012

Older workers coming out of retirement to share experience

Older workers are ready to readdress their work/life balance issues by heading back to the workplace in a bid to usurp younger workers, reports managers.org.uk.

Figures from insurers Aviva suggest that 86 per cent of older workers believe they can do a better job than some of the younger workers currently employed.

In addition, over-three quarters of respondents would be more confident in the workplace at this age compared to their younger selves while 63 per cent would "relish the opportunity" of dipping back into the jobs market.

As such, the wealth of experience handled by most older workers could encourage them to start 'part-tirement', an on-off working situation. By engaging in leadership training, older workers could even try their hand at applying for experienced interim management positions across the UK.

The retirement director at Aviva, Clive Bolton, suggested on Aviva.com that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be: "As individuals face an increasingly challenging economic environment, it seems that for many the dream retirement is now one in which they can maintain their quality of life by remaining economically active.

"It would seem that this is not only to boost their income, but the evidence would suggest that many retirees are keen to get out into the work force and put their lifetime of wisdom and skills to use," he added.

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