Personal Power - Growing into the Future



As a leader, are you regularly challenging, engaging, exciting and inspiring the people around you? Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and refresh your thinking so you can grow into the future.

Marcus Child has had a powerful impact on the people and the performance of many well-known businesses over the past 18 years. He inspires confidence, wholeheartedness and courage, and has built up an impressive reputation for helping thousands of employees of hundreds of organisations embrace change positively and successfully. One of Vistage's most popular and highly rated speakers, Marcus will push you to dream big and achieve more.

Personal Power is a blizzard of fresh evidence from research as well as first hand case studies, examples and demonstrations of beliefs. Hear some of the techniques and strategies that have been witnessed from working with highly successful Chief Executives, politicians, front-line service providers, athletes and entertainers.

In this 20 minute video Marcus will:

  • Challenge you to change your mindset, focusing on big and bold goals
  • Help you to consistently generate high quality energy in the face of the most demanding schedules
  • Allow you to see the power of a team with a shared vision and mindset
  • Develop a plan to achieve the aspirations you have always fallen short of
  • Change the language you use to create a positive experience
  • Identify the ratio of positive to negative feedback in your organisation
  • Leave you feeling excited, inspired and ready to push yourself and your teams!


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