Uncategorized February 22, 2012

Prospering in Austerity

Don't just take our word for it, Vistage can really help your buiness particularly in the challenging times we find ourselves in.  Top speaker Shay McConnon the founder of People First had this to say following his recent sessions with Vistage groups.

 "Having spoken to 3 Vistage groups recently, I have been impressed with the buoyancy and energy in the groups - with both the chairmen and the members.

I was expecting more doom and gloom with the current downturn in the marketplace and was pleasantly surprised when talking to the chairmen to learn that most of the member’s business were buoyant. I suspect these levels of high business performance can be attributed in part to Vistage - the support the chairmen provide together with the quality and range of speaker topics.

I find Vistage ‘audiences’ on the whole, to be more informed about business and relationship models  than many of the blue chip organisations I work with. I suspect this awareness has equipped many of the members not only to survive but continue to be buoyant in the current downturn.

Congratulations to everyone involved in providing such a worthwhile service to the UK’s business leaders in these difficult times."

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