Security risks posed by flexible working



Offering employees flexible working opportunities could open a business up to security risks, according to a report from

Even though flexible working can help employees strike a better work-life balance, it can pose threats to a business' data and overall security. The challenge posed to these businesses is helping staff whilst also protecting the greater good of the company, the report revealed.

"Despite the numerous benefits, employees accessing the internet outside of the company network or virtual private network (VPN) can be more susceptible to security risks," author Chris Russell wrote.

"Without adequate security measures in place, remote working can leave businesses vulnerable to cybercrime... Given the sheer volume of high-profile security breaches that have made headlines over recent months, it is imperative that these security concerns are addressed."

Despite the potential risks, businesses shouldn't feel discouraged from offering flexible working situations, as Russell also confirmed this can be an ideal way to attract new staff - which could benefit a company navigating through uncertainty, struggling to cope with workload. What's more, it can mean reduced travel time; in turn potentially reducing a company's overheads, revealed.

The report's writer concluded by offering some advice to businesses that hire remote workers; including creating unrecognisable passwords that are changed often, not opening any suspicious emails and only accessing "sensitive" data in a location without prying eyes.

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