Uncategorized February 3, 2012

Swap the BMW for a bike?


The most recent issue of The CA magazine contains an interesting article on the recent findings of The CA UK Salary Survey. It bases its findings on submissions by ICAS members who are all chartered accountants. As such, the pay scales may have little or nothing to do with many Vistage members but the survey is nonetheless fascinating particularly when it comes to the perks which are used to enhance employees’ rewards packages.
In light of the recent storm over Stephen Hester’s bonus, it might not be a huge surprise to learn that 13% of the businesses who responded have frozen or scrapped bonuses in the last year. Perhaps more startling are the top three rising benefits trends. The ability to buy or sell annual leave is on the up as are the increased availability of money purchase pensions and subsidies on bicycles. Of course, the rise of money purchase pensions is mirrored by a decline in final salary pensions but the idea that pushbike subsidies are becoming more popular would seem to mark a culture change.

Indeed, according to the survey, the company car is only just more popular than the subsidized bike.

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