Uncategorized May 25, 2011

The Man With The Plan

Maurice O’Shea, the Regional Director for the South East at The FD Centre, and a founding member of Alex Kent’s Vistage 41 group, is ‘the man with the plan’.

Through his role with The FD Centre, Maurice has wide ranging experience of helping his clients – SME MDs and CEOs - find answers to what is arguably the most difficult business development question “what next?”

Recently Maurice was called in to help an important South East business association – the  Gatwick Diamond Business Association (GDBA) - develop their plan.  Coming to the end of their current 2008-11 plan, Jeremy Taylor the GDBA Chief Executive asked Maurice to help him develop the new plan. “We had some ideas but we never wanted to do just more of the same”. 

Maurice worked with Jeremy and his team, looking at where they were and where they wanted to be, not just in business terms, and also reviewed the GDBA vision and values.  It soon became apparent that GDBA needed additional resources otherwise the organisation would run out of time and energy … and so a plan was conceived.  The first step of the plan, the appointment of a membership co-ordinator has already been completed.

Maurice observed:  "in my experience successful businesses have a clear vision of where they want to be. lt's this that they are passionate about and it fires them up. It takes a mix of listening, creativity and working with someone who will draw this out and then help capture it in a few sentences and four or five numbers.  Keeping this simple is essential, and a visual or a metaphor are powerful ways of capturing and expressing our visions.  l believe that all this should be captured on one page."

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