The 6 Mega Trends Shaping The Future Of Your Workforce

5/22/2015 posted in Business, Technology, Recruitment, Change Management

There are significant changes ahead that will redefine the way that many of us do business, if we can keep abreast with these shifts then we can really take advantages of the opportunities that will arise.

We will shortly be entering a time when for many people there will be 4 generations in the home, this will have a dramatic impact on both our lives and our businesses. In addition, technology continues to transform so much about our lives, including the physical places we do business and the ways in which we communicate with colleagues and clients.

Businesses are only just adjusting their models to reflect the new economy and are engaged in a constant war for talent which will increase as employees take control of their working status, eager for training opportunities and flexible hours. Have you considered what this could mean for your business?

What will the global workforce look like in 2020?

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Is Wearable Technology the Key to Improving Staff Performance?

2/20/2014 posted in Leading, Not Managing, Getting Ahead, Technology

Over the last few weeks, the papers have run a number of stories about the role of wearable technology in the workplace.Most of the stories have been hooked to the release of the Business Microscope.  This is a new product from Hitachi. It looks like a name badge but allows organisations to monitor the movements of their employees; track who they talk to and can even measure how enthusiastic or active they are during meetings. If the wearer makes little or no contribution to, say, a sales meeting then their lack of input can be measured and noted.

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