Vision identified as important leadership quality



Being able to inspire others and implementing a strategic vision are seen as important attributes for a leader in the workplace.

That's according to a global survey of 1,400 chief executives and senior HR professionals, who registered their opinion on the key attributes needed for leadership, reports People Management.

Creating a vision was seen as the number one trait for a leader, with 92 per cent of those surveyed believing the crafting of a vision was key in leadership. Inspiring others (62 per cent) came in second place and having an accurate overview of the business (57 per cent) grabbed the bronze medals.

Expert recruitment leader Sue Roffey-Jones commented on the survey to HR Magazine: "Leadership development today is more science than art. In today's business, environment leadership development needs to be grounded in real work and focused on the critical competencies required for success in C-level roles".

The survey also revealed the most likely job backgrounds that harbour potential CEO material. Operations was the most likely specialism for leadership material (68 per cent) while finance was ranked second (56 per cent) and sales third (49 per cent).

"We would assume that people are promoted to CEO from operations and finance because they are perceived to have developed competences that are important for the CEO role," exclaimed Roffey-Jones.

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