Vistage Chairmen hold best practice meeting on 5th October


Vistage Chair Group

I met with nine Vistage UK Chairmenat a regional Vistage Chair Group meeting at the Lea Marston Hotel. And what a great meeting it was. Chaired by John Williams, one of Vistage's UK Best Practice Chairs, the meeting looked at several key areas, including the future strategy for Vistage in the UK and a thorough sharing of feedback from our members and group meetings around the country. As usual, I think everyone picked up something new or a practice that they have not yet tried within their Vistage groups. We also had updates on the planned Vistage Open Days and some great ideas for new member value. We also took some time out to introduce John Cooke, our new Business Development Director. John has just completed his own Vistage Chair training, so this was his first meeting with established Vistage Chairmen.

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