Uncategorized September 30, 2009

Vistage Open Day at the Belfry

Vistage are hosting an open day on the 16th October at the Belfry with Marcus ChildMarcus Child on Personal Power. Marcus Child has had a remarkable and uplifting impact on the people and the performance of many well-known businesses during the past fifteen years. He specialises in enabling corporate change through people and has an impressive reputation for helping thousands of members of hundreds of organisations embrace change positively and successfully. Through novel and participative workshops his work nurtures and invigorates resourcefulness in individuals, positivity between colleagues and trust between organisations and their customers. Marcus’s emphasis on people exploiting the workplace as an environment for self-improvement as well as commercial success, means that the new habits he trains are practised in the minds and relationships of people - within and without work - long after his programmes are complete.

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