What’s Your Business Map?


Business success is a journey, and without a map it is easy to get lost.  The most successful businesses have a clear vision and know where they are going.

With the encouragement of his Vistage group, Vistage member Maurice O’Shea has launched a new venture – Orienteers - to help businesses create their unique map.

Maurice explains:

I'm an experienced Managing Director and Finance Director.  The lessons I have learnt through experience, academic learning and most importantly from my successes and failures are at the heart of Orienteers.

I love seeing business leaders and their businesses succeed.  My philosophy is to respect people for who they are and value their unique talents and then create for them a picture of their success followed through with clear strategies and actions.

Business and life is hard and most of us struggle to create a vision and plan of us succeeding. I've learnt cutting edge tools that are remarkably successful involving thinking through problems and creating a deeply meaningful and resourceful picture of success.  We each have our own unique solutions deeply in our selves.  Once this is explored, I take this fresh and energising vision and help build sound, clear and methodical plans across all the key business areas.

I'm amazed at how rich this journey is and how quickly it energises my clients and the results they get.”

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