Uncategorized March 13, 2012

Women will do what it takes to get ahead


Research has found that women are just as ruthless as men when it comes to getting ahead in their career, Management Today reports.

Undertaken by Business Environment, a serviced office provider, the study found that contrary to the long-held myth that men are more ruthless in work, women can be just assertive - especially if can benefit their chances of snagging an executive or CEO position.

"It seems that women are just as competitive as men when it comes to getting ahead in their careers, and they appear to hire and fire according to what's best for business' bottom-line, regardless of their gender," Business Environment's MD, David Saul, explained.

"In fact, the evidence suggests that they will do everything within their power to advance their career," he added, cited by freshbusinessthinking.com.

It isn't just about making sound business decisions though, the research found, as 57 per cent of respondents to the Business Environment survey said they dress "powerfully" in a bid to get ahead. 36 per cent even admitted to wearing more make-up than they would usually, in a bid to push their careers forward.

Women seemed more inclined to work longer hours in order to that all-important promotion, too, with 71 per cent saying it's "necessary" - compared to only 67 per cent of men. Where 59 per cent of men said they'd work through an illness to avoid harming their careers, 64 per cent of women would push through feeling unwell.

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