Uncategorized February 14, 2012

Work-life balance deemed as important as salary, research finds

British workers believe that a healthy work-life balance is as important as a decent salary when it comes to job satisfaction, Fresh Business Thinking reports.

A new survey, commissioned by Vodafone UK, has found that the two factors were cited in almost equal numbers by the 1,300 workers polled. 28 per cent deemed work-life balance as a major contributor to their job satisfaction levels and 30 per cent said that earning decent money was important.  

That means for many people, work-life balance holds greater significance than benefits such as pensions, bonus schemes, shares and other related perks.

Promoting work-life balance is an element that perhaps should be included in leadership training programmes. According to HR Magazine, mental health charities say that adopting work-life balance initiatives is particularly important in order to encourage a healthy workforce.

In addition, half of the managers questioned said that they believed offering flexible working practices - which could promote work-life balance - made their company more attractive to prospective talent. 

Commenting on the findings, Vodafone UK's enterprise director, Peter Kelly, said: "Flexible working has gone from being a nice-to-have perk to now being at the heart of employees' expectations.

"British business clearly understand that motivation and job satisfaction are more than about money - work-life balance and feeling supported at work are also vitally important."

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