Work-life balance in sharper focus



The importance of having a proper work-life balance comes into sharper focus during difficult economic times, it has been claimed.

According to, during difficult times people will focus on what is most important to them and the desire to achieve their duties in the home is always a popular goal.

Dr Matt Flynn, an expert in managing rewards, suggested that all chief executive officers (CEOs) should consider offering their employees flexible and remote working capabilities, since this allows people to actively take part in their family's home life while completing their work.

In his opinion, a CEO may need to explore such issues more as staff get older, saying: "Flexible working is a cheap way for business to ensure it keeps its talent, while enabling employees to stay active and working."

A recent poll of UK employees carried out by The Guardian demonstrated that flexible hours and working from home were in the top three employee benefits behind pensions.

The Huffington Post's Donna Klein pointed out that getting the work-life balance right is something that affects everyone, so employers need to take the issue seriously.

Ms Klein, CEO and executive chair of Corporate Voices for Working Families, suggested that by supporting staff in their attempts to balance their duties as a parent as well as an employee, companies can radically improve levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

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