Uncategorized January 10, 2012

Work/life balance key for CEOs

The business community should be using 2012 as the year to battle potential work/life balance issues.

That's according to research from Group Risk Development (GRiD), cited by Fresh Business Thinking, which cited 500 employers who run 5-1000 employee businesses. It found that maintaining a healthy work/life balance was the top issues for more than one in five employers (21 per cent).

A healthy work/life balance has come ahead of common ailments like stress and mental issues (19 per cent), showing how important the issue should be for any decision-making CEO.

Naturally, employers seem to be keen to take action to improve the situation in 2012. 38 per cent said they were taking steps to improve work/life balance, while 27 per cent said actively managing workplace stress was a "key goal".

According to The Atlantic, Great Britain only ranks in 17th place for the healthiest work/life balance; something which needs to be improved this year.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, commented on the figures: "A strong work/life balance is often overlooked as a major health issue to businesses, compared to more direct factors such as dealing with chronic conditions.

"But, the economic situation seems to have provided a timely reminder for businesses to take action to rectify unsustainable work practice," she added.

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