Work/life balance most important health issue for employers


Employers worry most about employees' work life balance, a new survey reveals.

Research carried out by Group Risk Development (GRiD), the risk industry trade body, found that of 500 employers polled, 21 per cent ranked 'maintaining a good work/life balance' as their number one health issue.

This is ahead of stress concerns, which 19 per cent cited as their biggest concern. 

Developing and implementing work/life balance initiatives is a topic usually covered in leadership training courses, as the promotion of good employee health - both physical and mental - is naturally imperative to any business.

The fact that one in five leaders agree suggests, says IFA Online, that they appreciate a long hours culture can lead to low morale and increase the possibility of stress related absences.

Encouragingly, almost 40 per cent of respondents said they were taking active steps to improve work/life balance within their organisations , citing it a "top priority", according to HR Magazine.

Speaking to the magazine about the findings, GRiD spokeswoman Katharine Moxham said: "A strong work/life balance is often overlooked as a major health issue to businesses, compared to more direct factors such as dealing with chronic conditions.

"But the economic situation seems to have provided a timely reminder for businesses to take action to rectify unsustainable working practice".

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