Business leaders: we need to talk about mental health

3/30/2020 posted in Mental Health

Life at the top can be lonely.. And being in the midst of the greatest public health emergency in modern times can only serve to underline this.

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Getting mental health right in the workplace

10/31/2019 posted in Mental Health

Getting mental health in the workplace right can be a delicate balancing act for leaders. Protecting their own mental health, while also looking after the mental health of employees – and achieving profitability goals – takes some doing. With this in mind, we consulted two mental health experts to get practical advice for leaders around strategies they can implement straight away and throughout the whole year.

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How to better your own mental health as a leader when you’re pressed for time

10/9/2019 posted in Mental Health

Stress and pressure are all part and parcel of being a leader. But it’s not difficult for the day-to-day pressures of leadership to become overwhelming. Looking after your own mental health first and foremost will leave you in the best shape to continue to give your all to your business and employees. And as we argued earlier in this series, being honest about the impact stress can have on your health and wellbeing is actually good leadership.

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Investing in mental health – the positive business impact

10/7/2019 posted in Mental Health

Building a workplace with good mental health – of staff and leadership alike – as a key priority raises morale, productivity, creativity, and ultimately your bottom line.

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Business leaders: let’s talk about mental health

10/4/2019 posted in Work/Life Balance Issues, Mental Health

Life at the top can be lonely. It’s definitely stressful. 

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What to do if one of your senior leaders suffers a mental health issue

10/9/2018 posted in Work/Life Balance Issues, Mental Health

With 26 years’ experience as a Royal Navy fighter pilot and surveillance pilot for the security services and UK Special Forces, Vistage speaker, Matthew Whitfield, is no stranger to elite leadership.

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Managers suffer poor mental health as a result of huge workloads

7/17/2012 posted in Mental Health

The stress of a managerial role is causing a huge proportion of British bosses to suffer with mental health issues, according to a new survey.

A poll by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has revealed that managers tend to tot up an additional nine weeks a year of unpaid overtime and are suffering from depression, insomnia and general ill health as a result.

Six out of ten managers admitted to being "constantly tired" in the survey, whilst a fifth of respondents admitted they had suffered from depression in the last year.

Despite many managers blaming their ill health on being overworked, 43 per cent of those questioned said they were afraid to take sick leave because they feared the sack.

According to, a third of those in managerial roles said they would be planning an exit if they could find another job to go to.  Many of those in CEO roles and other senior management positions have complained of the same issues in the past.

In an interview with, the study's author Professor Les Worrall admitted it was worrying to see such a decline in the mental health of those in managerial roles.

"What is more worrying is that there seems to be no sign of economic conditions getting better. We are in for a worrying time if these trends persist into the future," he added.  

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