The 5 foundations for scaleup growth

7/9/2019 posted in Scaleup Business

The bigger something is, the stronger the foundations need to be. Let’s take a look at the tallest building in the world today – Dubai’s 828-metre (2,717 ft) Burj Khalifa. It sits on 192 piles buried more than 50m (164ft) into concrete-supported ground. Whereas a little portakabin doesn’t need anything quite so deep.

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How to write a growth plan like a scale-up business

5/14/2019 posted in Scaleup Business

While a start-up business plan sets out a broad, hypothetical overview of operations, finance and projections, a growth plan gives a much more detailed and accurate idea of how a business will manage and sustain momentum.

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Building a sales engine for business growth

2/19/2019 posted in Scaleup Business

When it comes to accelerating growth and scaling up businesses, there are few people who know more than Nicola Cook.

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Scaleup pain points: The 5 biggest challenges for scaleup business leaders

1/18/2019 posted in Scaleup Business

Growth is ultimately the goal for every business, but some grow faster than others. A scaleup business is defined as one with an average annualised return of at least 20% in the past three years, with at least ten employees at the beginning of the period.

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5 key takeaways from the Scaleup Institute's Annual Scale Review

1/15/2019 posted in Scaleup Business

Published in November 2018, the Annual ScaleUp Review 2018 is the latest in-depth report from the ScaleUp Institute: a body whose mission is “to help the UK to become the best place in the world to grow a business as well as start one, and enable our existing high growth businesses to scale up even further”.

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