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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Elearning

Posted by Jack Adamson

04-Oct-2015 14:15:00


Elearning has opened up a world of new opportunities for colleagues at every level of your organisation. By enabling individuals to access course materials remotely and by removing the need to physically attend classes, they have made studying a much more convenient option, especially for those who are working full or part-time and who want to focus on professional development.

However, there is a knack to getting the most from these web-based learning programmes. So, if you, or members of your team are about to start a course like this, it’s worth paying attention to the following tips.

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What Most Marketers Miss, Part 1

Posted by Adam Long

02-Oct-2015 11:53:00

Marketing Owl

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a lot of advertising and marketing fluff out there. Nielsen data tells us that you’ve actually encountered about 3000 branded messages today alone. Can you remember them all? On the back of the bus, landed in your inbox, on the equipment in front of you – somewhere in the world, a marketer was hoping you would notice these branded messages.

Chances are you only noticed ten of these branded messages and five of those rubbed you the wrong way. So why is that?

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4 Steps to Building a Team of A Players

Posted by Geoff Lawrence

25-Sep-2015 11:22:00


What do you think of when you hear the term ‘A player’?

Someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, someone you know you can depend on in a crisis, someone other team members turn to when they need help and support.

It stands to reason that you’re going to want to attract and retain A players to help take your business to the next level, but how do you go about this process?

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4 Simple Steps to Creating a Corporate Culture of Superstar Performance

Posted by Lee Bradshaw

18-Sep-2015 14:43:02

Create a culture of superstar performance

Are you getting the performance out of your employees your company needs?

A recent Gallup poll showed that a mere 31.5% of employees felt engaged at work, with a worrying 17.5% so disengaged that they actively worked against their company’s goals. It can be hard enough to get the results you want without having to fight against the people who should be on your side. The simple truth is that disgruntled employees have a direct impact on your bottom line and it’s an issue you ignore at your peril.

So what can you do about it?

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Are you a little bit Nokia?

Posted by Roger Harrop

11-Sep-2015 09:40:00


I remember, not that long ago, if you were flying just about anywhere in the world, after landing there would be an outbreak of Nokia ringtones going off around the plane as everyone turned their phones back on. And now? Never.

As a young engineer I remember being proud to be the new owner of an Aristo sliderule. It was the very best you could get – the Rolls Royce. Where are Aristo now? Gone.

The Cutty Sark tea clipper in its day was one of the fastest commercial sailing ships ever built – the envy of all. Then steam was invented and these new fangled steam ships didn’t need to tack into the wind and hence could cut hours from the Far East route. There have been no commercial sailing ships built since.

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