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Get Closer to Your Customers with this Simple SME Business Manifesto

Posted by Robert Craven

13-Mar-2015 15:51:19


Whilst focussing on how to make entrepreneurial businesses more businesslike, I have developed a simple manifesto. Using entrepreneurship as the starting point, it challenges how you do marketing and acts as a wake-up call for tired marketing departments that wonder why they don’t seem to be getting the results they used to.

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66% of Directors Don’t Fully Understand Their Company’s Strategy

Posted by Jean Pousson

09-Mar-2015 16:35:00


A survey undertaken by McKinsey consultants, published in January 2015, has highlighted some daunting findings for business leaders. With 34% of directors admitting that they fully understand the company’s strategy and only 22% claiming that they are aware as to how their firms created value. Whilst these figures are shocking to most, these findings are not out of line with my experience when working with executive boards.

So, as a business leader how can you make sure your board is more effective?

Here are a few observations of my own that I hope will help you to challenge the effectiveness of your board:

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What are Business Leaders Afraid of?

Posted by Fia Gosling

27-Feb-2015 17:09:00


CEOs are not unflappable human robots, at Vistage we understand that more than most. With over 18,000 business leaders world-wide coming together to work on their businesses we appreciate the intricacies and pressures that come with being at the top of your organisation and how delicate a situation that can be.

If you are feeling the pressures on your day to day, it’s not hard to feel alone and without an outlet. The truth is that so many others are feeling the same pressure, the burning heat of the spotlight that shines on you every day. Many executives let this pressure build and these uncontrolled private fears can spur defensive behaviours that undermine how they and their employees set and execute company strategy.

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How Business Leaders Can Empower Their Sales People

Posted by Jeff Downs

25-Feb-2015 17:07:12


As eloquently described in Daniel Pink’s seminal book ‘Drive’ to maximise personal motivation three key elements need to be in place: Autonomy, Purpose and Mastery. I often think about how this applies to sales people and the over emphasis on the ‘carrot or stick’ approach. Very often, business leaders rely on incentive schemes (rewards) or ‘performance management’ regimes (threats) to try to drive the required sales behaviours. With this in mind I fear that many business leaders have much to learn about the noble art (or is it science?) of selling and what it takes to maximise the potential of each individual. How much ‘autonomy’ do we really give sales people.Ostensibly a life ‘on-the-road’ provides much freedom but the reality is that most companies concentrate on monitoring and control more than they do on empowering sales people to generate their own activity plans and owning them! (How many sales people have you met that love filling in there CRM reports?).

Here is a simple framework for enabling and empowering your sales people.

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5 Steps to Financial Security for You and Your Business

Posted by Tori Atkinson

19-Feb-2015 15:07:00


Running a business is not unlike spinning plates, with the financial stability of your enterprise riding on a number of contributory factors. A solid business plan and some hard work go a long way - but without ongoing strategies and an uncompromising sense of self, there’s no guarantee your financial success will endure.

Vistage recently published a report on how businesses can ‘Go for Growth’, offering ambitious businesses insight into how they can guarantee lasting growth. And with today’s 5-step action plan, you can keep you and your business financially airtight for the long haul.
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