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Why Leaders Need to Learn to Speak in Outcomes, Not Activities

Posted by Karin Simonsen

19-Jun-2015 15:26:00


Today's most successful business leaders and managers exercise their leadership in such a way that their people are held accountable whilst being empowered to make decisions, share information and try new things.

The mindset that each person brings to your organisation has an impact on its success. But, the mindset that you bring yourself in your leadership role will have the greatest impact of all - positively or negatively!

Unsuccessful leaders have mindsets that are fixed on the specific activities of the organisation. In comparison, great leaders focus on the outcomes.

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How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Business Success

Posted by Lee Bradshaw

12-Jun-2015 15:00:00


Non-verbal communication really is a key contributor to a successful career in business. Have you ever considered how the way that you use your hands, or the openness of your body and the subtleties in your facial expressions could be the difference between winning that deal, or damaging your well-earned reputation?

Depending on the study, non-verbal communication counts for somewhere between 75% and 90% of our all communication. So, even if you know the basics, there may be many non-verbal elements that could be hurting your success.

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The Greatest Threat Is Digital?

Posted by Robert Craven

05-Jun-2015 11:21:00

Digital Threat

If we were to believe the hype, online and offline, then it would be natural to conclude that the greatest threat to running a successful and sustainable business is the failure to remain in touch with the leading edge of digital developments.

An entire digital industry has grown up over the last twenty years. An industry preoccupied with all things digital: new business models, social media, search engine optimisation, search engine management, video, platforms, mooches and so forth. These are all fantastic tools that can give our business and our marketing a serious competitive advantage. However, that is not the whole picture. In fact, it is a distortion.

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How Well Does Your Company Adapt to Changes in Your Marketplace?

Posted by Geoff Lawrence

29-May-2015 15:07:00


Changes in all markets can come on rapidly and may sometimes feel like a lot to take on, raining down attacks on your business. It’s often the case that great businesses get left behind because they won’t adapt – it’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t and don’t.

A change in the business model can take many forms of course; what you charge for, how you charge, how you go to market, how you reinvent your supply chain, how you organise assets and how you configure new value.

Technological and economical advances help to drive new business models. The question is, how is your company doing when it comes to embracing the changes?

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The 6 Mega Trends Shaping The Future Of Your Workforce

Posted by Lee Bradshaw

22-May-2015 14:47:00

London Commuters

There are significant changes ahead that will redefine the way that many of us do business, if we can keep abreast with these shifts then we can really take advantages of the opportunities that will arise.

We will shortly be entering a time when for many people there will be 4 generations in the home, this will have a dramatic impact on both our lives and our businesses. In addition, technology continues to transform so much about our lives, including the physical places we do business and the ways in which we communicate with colleagues and clients.

Businesses are only just adjusting their models to reflect the new economy and are engaged in a constant war for talent which will increase as employees take control of their working status, eager for training opportunities and flexible hours. Have you considered what this could mean for your business?

What will the global workforce look like in 2020?

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