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5 Top Tips For Mastering B2B Social Media

Posted by Harrison Warr

28-Aug-2015 11:48:00

Social Media for B2B

Did you know that 23% of UK B2B businesses rate poor organisational understanding of social media as one of the top challenges they face this year? As the world is becoming more technologically savvy and the ‘social media generation’ are finding themselves in key roles within businesses, this is shocking to me. Social media is a very powerful tool within the initial attraction stage of the buyer’s journey, and it’s only growing stronger.

With a small amount of time and effort, you can transform your business’ social media footprint from poor or non-existent to effective and compelling.

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Summer Budget 2015: Satisfaction for the Self-Employed?

Posted by Paul Gough

20-Aug-2015 15:56:00

Summer Budget 2015

Last month’s Summer Budget saw Chancellor George Osborne unveil the Conservatives’ plans for our finances - and many of the changes announced are sure to affect business owners across Britain. With proposals ranging from a dividends shake-up to all-new enterprise zones for the country’s SMEs, the outcomes of this summertime address seem initially promising.

Today we’re putting SMEs in focus and establishing what level of impact these economic updates will have for the UK’s self-employed population, for better or worse.

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Economic Update: When Will the Next Recession Be?

Posted by Roger Martin-Fagg

03-Aug-2015 10:48:00


August is a month when things can go unexpectedly wrong as so many of us have our minds on other things. We typically enjoy a 7 year cycle. We have five good growth years ahead. I think you should pay no attention to those who say the next recession will begin next year, caused by rising interest rates.

At last real incomes are rising strongly, there is work for those that want it, and even Finance Directors are becoming optimists (a state they are not naturally predisposed to enjoy). The banking system in the UK and the USA is fixed. Quantitative easing in the Eurozone is helping their banks mend more quickly, and increasing confidence.

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Marketing for CEOs and the 4 Not-so-Great Expectations!

Posted by Debbie Richardson

31-Jul-2015 11:00:00

Marketing for CEOs

It never ceases to surprise us when CEOs confide that they don’t have stellar expectations of what marketing can do for their business. “Sure it can make a difference”, they say, “A smart website and some nice newsletters”. All too rarely do we meet a CEO who tells us they expect their marketing to deliver truly transformational, high impact strategic results.

Many have a preconceived, purely tactical view of marketing. “We got last week’s receptionist to make a few changes to the website”. They don’t understand what strategic marketing is and so are unable to set the strategic tone for how they want their business strategy (for those which have one!) to be supported.

And by high impact strategic results - what do we mean? There are a few questions you should be asking of your business.

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So, You Think You Have the Perfect Office Environment?

Posted by Peter Stark

30-Jul-2015 15:00:00

The Perfect Office Environment

We all know the lifeblood of every business is its team, with this one invaluable asset directly influencing the ultimate success of the company as a whole. Streamlining your operations is a matter of logic and foresight, removing any present or potential obstacles on the hunt for a more efficient approach. Priming your team for productivity, however, is a little trickier - and it all starts with taking a look at your office environment.

If your office space needs a strategic shake-up, making a few simple and actionable changes to your team’s environment should help you propel productivity to the next level.

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