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Is Your Leadership Style Stopping Your Business From Growing? Part 1.

Posted by Lee Bradshaw

05-Feb-2016 16:00:12

Is Your Leadership Style Stopping Your Business From Growing?

Believe it or not, not all businesses want to grow. Some people just want a lifestyle business, have it stay about the same, not grow and just keep ticking over.

If that’s your vision for your business, then this blog post is not for you. While it’s a perfectly valid strategy to want your business to stay exactly the same, the reality is that the world of business is constantly changing, which has an impact on your company, whether you like it or not.

When a child plays a video game for the first time, they quickly discover is that the character that stands still gets killed first. It’s the same in business. Usually, you’re going to either grow or shrink your business, but if you’re standing still, you’re really going backwards. Your competitors will be overtaking you if you’re staying in the same place. While staying the same is certainly a type of strategy, you may well decide that it’s not a good one or the right one for your business.

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Your Company's Greatest Asset May Not Be What You Think

Posted by Karin Simonsen

29-Jan-2016 13:53:23

Awaken the Force of Your Sales Process by Bringing Sales and Marketing Together

What’s your business’s greatest asset? Property? Plant? Equipment?

If you answered any of the above, you’d be wrong. Your company’s greatest asset is its people.

When the University of Pennsylvania did a study on human resources, they discovered that an investment in people had a greater ROI than an investment in property, plant and equipment. You need to be thinking of your people as an asset on the balance sheet rather than a necessary expense lumped in with all the other expenses.

When you look around you at your team, are you happy with what you see? Is your team functioning at its peak or is it dysfunctional, undermining your efforts to achieve your business goals? If you’ve identified room for improvement, the best place to start is at the top.

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The Two Marketing Metrics Every Business Should Measure

Posted by Lucy Hogarth

22-Jan-2016 11:00:00

The two marketing metrics every business should measure

Marketing is a gamble. Possibly not what you’d expect to hear from a marketing company, but bear with us.

Your marketing budget is your stake, the tables and slots at the casino are your marketing channels, and new customers - falling into your lap like golden coins from a slot machine – are your prize. A professional gambler will not be seduced by the flashing lights, the big headline numbers and the dealer’s spiel, because professional gambling is not glamour, it is mathematics – it is less about unknown risk and more about predictable return. Professional marketing is no different.

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5 Practical Wellbeing Initiatives for Your Business in 2016

Posted by Geoff Lawrence

15-Jan-2016 16:42:47

 Wellbeing across the organisation

Following on from our recent article 'Is Employee Wellbeing the Real Failure of Your Business?', which explored how, when a company focuses on the wellbeing of its staff, it will typically see a reduction in sickness absence and increased staff retention.

How you introduce a Wellbeing Programme is key. Participation must be voluntary and no-one should be made to feel second-best or “wrong” for not wishing to partake.

Incentives might help increase participation but be very aware of not causing any sector of your workforce to feel victimised because they are not yet ready to take action to improve their wellbeing. In addition to staff buy-in, you will also need the support of your senior management team. They need to be convinced that a happy, healthy workforce is a more productive workforce and ultimately, better for the bottom line.

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How to Help Your Sales People Achieve Their Goals in 2016

Posted by Lars Tewes

18-Dec-2015 14:17:00


“What do you believe it takes to be a great salesperson?” Speak to anyone who has ‘made it’ in their respective field and the underlying reason is the same. Different words may be used, but it has an uncanny resemblance to the principles that were drilled into me when I first entered the sales arena: ‘Set High Goals’, ‘Have Great Self-Talk’ and ‘Hold Yourself Accountable’. I soon became aware of how essential these habits were to guide me through the rollercoaster that is a career in sales.

These success principles are often referred to as the ‘soft skills’ compared to the many other areas that sales people need training in. As a result, they are often taken for granted and not cultivated. In addition, decisions regarding which training programmes to initiate are constricted by the lack of time available and by reduced or small budgets. Much training is therefore based around essential product knowledge and regulatory/legislation understanding. While these are vital areas for salespeople to be well-informed in, ask the top performers what enables them to excel and more often than not they will point to their attitudes, their mindset, and their habits rather than the technical knowledge of product or process. Thus companies’ sales training programmes should offer more exposure to principles and mind sets to achieve the success they need.

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