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7 Ways to Take Advantage of the Internet of Things and Big Data

Posted by Steve Gilroy

15-Apr-2016 10:03:02

Review your business to take advantage of the Internet of Things and Big Data

One of the outcomes of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the massive growth in collections of data. Big Data is perhaps one of the biggest opportunities for businesses both large and small, as it can transform a business in several ways:

  • It can give businesses a clearer picture of what is really happening and so value propositions, products or services can be improved.
  • It allows a business to make more accurate and on-the-fly decisions regarding service, delivery, logistics, support etc.
  • It can also create brand new revenue streams for a business – leveraging the knowledge that comes from access to the 'big picture.
  • Businesses will need to rethink their function and value creation through the IoT and Big Data.

Think about it. Everything from your toothbrush, to your car, to every printer and photocopier is collecting, stroing and probably transmitting data – 24/7. A year’s supply of data from your own  personal  toothbrush might not be that useful on its own, but if you had that data from over a million toothbrush users  you might be able to see some significant trends, behaviours and other insights from looking at  the ‘big picture’. Combine that with other data sets (eg. lifestyle, diet, fitness activity etc.) and you then have an even ‘bigger picture’ of the lifestyles and habits of people. With that knowledge you could have at least a competitive advantage if not a brand new opportunity. This is an example of the potential of Big Data.


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There Should Be No Such Thing As 'Word Of Mouth' For CEOs

Posted by Debbie Richardson

08-Apr-2016 14:30:00


I recently saw an article by Fiona Smith on '6 ways to boost your word-of-mouth'. The title in itself grabbed me – why? Because when we ask business leaders the key question ‘How do your customers find you?’ and they don’t know the answer, they always say ‘word-of-mouth’.

I know they are trying to dodge the question, or if they are not dodging the question they typically don’t have the data to back up the answers to the next two questions:
• Who are your best referrers?
• How much business did they introduce to you last year?


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How Cricket Can Increase Workplace Productivity... Honest!

Posted by Tim Ponsford

02-Apr-2016 12:30:00


I recently spoke with Tom Seymour, Sales Director at Durham County Cricket Club who believes that you can build teamwork in your workplace through sports — especially cricket. He tells us why he thinks this is.

Every manager and business owner aims to have a motivated and productive team behind them. A survey from ESI International found that over 65% of project professionals believed their company’s performance would improve if its teams worked more collaboratively. To achieve this, it is essential that everyone is able to get along with one another, as serious breakdowns in communication can lead to lost productivity. Team-building exercises can be an excellent way of giving your employees the chance to bond in an informal, low-pressure environment. If done well, this can have a lasting impact on workplace productivity. 


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12 Creative Insights From Pixar Every CEO Needs to Know

Posted by Peter Fisk

25-Mar-2016 13:37:00

12 Insights From Pixar Every Brand and Marketer Needs to Know

Pixar is an amazing business. Built on imagination and creativity, it harnesses the potential of digital technologies to create the most engaging characters and films.

In 1979 Star Wars creator George Lucas and computer scientist Ed Catmull established the foundations of what was initially a digitally-enabled special effects business. Seven years later Steve Jobs acquired the studio, renamed it Pixar, and gave birth to some of the most successful animated films - like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Today it is the creative heartbeat of the Disney empire, and one of the world’s most innovative businesses.

Pixar is a digital content business, and in many ways that’s what brands are today. Beyond the products and services which they support, brands are about ideas, stories, relationships and communities, and the capturing and sharing of them increasingly digitally, virtual experiences which become reality.


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When Was The Last Time You Really Spoke To Your Stakeholders?

Posted by Debbie Richardson

18-Mar-2016 11:05:00

If it looks like a duck...

Sometimes when you think you are in a conversation with your clients, you really aren’t. We often ask our clients, “When did you last speak to your clients or key stakeholders outside of any project engagement or sales conversations – you know, just general business-as-usual conversations?” The answer is it rarely happens.

Every business needs a mechanism to speak to their key stakeholders on a regular basis. They also need to provide a channel where their clients can be brutally honest. There are times when no one likes to be on the receiving end of complete honesty; however, such frankness is where the opportunity sits for your business to improve.


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