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10 Smart Ways to 'Change the Game' and Accelerate Growth

Posted by Peter Fisk

27-Nov-2015 11:00:00


Ashmei is changing the game of sportswear. The small Aylesbury-based company, with an interesting Chinese name, designs sportswear, assembled from the most innovative suppliers across 4 continents, to create products that its many fans will pay twice as much for.

Raspberry Pi, the Cambridge manufacturer of computers for £30, is the best friend of young digital entrepreneurs, and has become a global network by setting up Raspberry Pi Clubs in 150 cities worldwide. Nearby start-up, Azuri Tech, has transformed the lives of millions of Africans by giving them £1/week pay-as-you-go solar panels that provide enough energy to light their homes, cook food and charge their mobile phones.

Three examples of small UK companies who are 'changing the game' in their respective markets, with influence and growth across the world.

Gamechangers think and act differently. They fuse digital and physical, global and local, ideas and networks. They win by being smart, fast and connected – rather than through scale and efficiency. They capture their higher purpose in more inspiring brands that resonate with their target audiences at the right time and place, enabled by data and technology, but more through empathetic design and rich human experiences.

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Why First Impressions Really Do Count for Your New Recruits

Posted by Larry Roberts

26-Nov-2015 14:30:00

The First 100 Days in a New Job

I’m sure we all have a story about that great candidate we hired who didn’t quite turn out as well as we’d hoped, or that great employee we hired who left after a few short months, however I wonder what the employee would say about their own experience?

"It was nothing like they described it would be in the interview" perhaps? Or how about - "the induction consisted of; here’s your desk and here’s your phone – get on with it"!

I used to give every candidate I placed my ‘First 100 Days in a New Job’ document to try and help them get off to the best possible start and reaffirm to their new employers that they’d made the right decision in hiring them, however I woke up one morning and realised that hiring managers and Directors are just as likely to mess things up as their new employees are!

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The Value Proposition: How To Engage For Growth

Posted by Lee Bradshaw

13-Nov-2015 14:43:00


Vistage Speaker Roger Martin-Fagg says: “A business will be growing its sales because customers, consumers and clients purchase on the basis of superior or differentiated value. And you need to be sure what the drivers of satisfaction are.”

“The value proposition is a clear statement of what value you offer, to whom - and in what way. It is different from a mission statement because it focuses on differentiation, or the compelling reason why customers should choose you and not your competitor.”

 A value proposition helps define value for money, when people buy from you they do so because you offer value. That value could be price, attitude of employees, ease of purchase, convenience, clarity of offer, your distinguished capability, delivery time, post sales support, local supplier, finance and so on. The value you offer is your value proposition.

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Staff Motivation 101: Mastering Your Management Techniques

Posted by Peter Stark

06-Nov-2015 11:38:00


You will often find yourself juggling so many jobs that you have to become dependent on your team - and while their support is undoubtedly integral to the company’s success, they should remain your focus. From implementing a culture of openness to harnessing the power of team training sessions, mastering your management skills will serve both you and your staff well. 

Finding a happy medium between productivity and your team’s wellbeing can be a struggle - but we’ve got some top tips to help you balance the scales.

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The Real Magic of Engaging Your People

Posted by Jonathan Richards

30-Oct-2015 10:48:14


Ask a business leader what managing people means to them and they’ll undoubtedly use words like payroll, employment legislation and record keeping. Some will tell you stories of how they couldn’t do what the business needed because of the threat (perceived or otherwise) of being taken to Employment Tribunal.

Many will tell you that their employees are the business’s greatest asset but very few will be able to tell you about the activities they take to ensure their people are engaged and motivated. This is shocking when research shows that 86% of employees are either not engaged or worse, actively disengaged. 

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