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Powerful Value Propositions must be written down

Posted by Karin Simonsen

17-Dec-2014 16:54:02

Vistage Blog interviews Roger Martin-Fagg. A renowned Vistage Speaker, Roger has been helping companies of all sizes get their value proposition right for 30 years.

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95% of Companies Get Their Value Proposition Wrong - How Does Yours Compare?

Posted by Fia Gosling

27-Nov-2014 17:10:00


95% of all companies do not even know what their competitive advantages are. Much less are able to communicate a clear reason for why customers should choose their product or service. Vistage Speaker Jaynie Smith states that "this isn't just true for small to medium sized businesses" - large companies also have it wrong. The trouble is that most business leaders are carrying on with business as usual, not realising that they are doing themselves, their staff and their customers a disservice. So, it is likely that you are too!

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Eurozone Recovery Expected for 2015 - Unlikely to Ignite Growth

Posted by Fia Gosling

26-Nov-2014 17:00:00


In this quarter, Vistage Economist Roger Martin-Fagg takes a look at two engines of world growth, the Eurozone and the USA, as together they are half the world’s economy and finished off with China and the UK.

According to Roger's latest report the outlook for the Eurozone depends on a recovery in bank lending. He expects there to be a slight improvement in 2015, but that it will be insufficient to ignite growth.

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Why is Truth Always the First Casualty of Business?

Posted by Robert Craven

20-Nov-2014 11:02:00


The truth is that truth is a very rare commodity in business. Would you agree that nobody tells the absolute truth in business? Would you agree that there is usually a web of half-truths, deceits, conflations, exaggerations and misdirections? Have you become – had to become – adept at convincingly telling at least half-truths as if they were the utter, honest-to-god truth?

But, hey, what’s a few porky pies if that’s what it takes to win the business?

Everybody does it. You have to do it if you want to get on. We all do it – so don’t point your moral finger at me!

But the question is whether it matters?

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Advanced Negotiation Skills (3): Reading Between the Lines

Posted by Jeremy Thorn

18-Nov-2014 15:26:00


Experienced negotiators know that there is a special ‘language’ for negotiating. It could be very abrasive, perhaps designed to destabilise the other side; or it could be quite emollient, to show how reasonable we can be, and both have their place.

We also know that often, what people say (and how they say it) isn’t always quite what they really mean. So a supplier might say: “We’ve got to have a price-rise”. But does that mean: “otherwise we will stop supplying you”, or “that is our fond hope”? It’s important to know which! Naturally, all good negotiators will make their best hopes sound as if they are the least they can accept. But where does the truth lie?
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