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February 2, 2021

How joining forces with others boosts your decision making power

We all make bad decisions. It’s human nature. When choices are available, it’s easy to make the wrong decision. And we can all carry those wrong decisions with..
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July 19, 2015

5 Simple Steps to a Great Presentation

Giving a speech or conducting a presentation is hard for any person to do; you need to engage with your audience and make them forget that they are learning...

May 1, 2015

Conflict to Collaboration: Take another Look

A common pitfall is to put forward our own solutions when conflict situations arise. We think we can see a way forward, and we're itching to get our opinion..

January 8, 2015

Advanced Negotiation Skills (4): Dealing with Deadlock

Deadlock is many negotiators’ worst nightmare. It happens where there may well be a deal to be done but neither side seems willing to move towards the other in..

November 18, 2014

Advanced Negotiation Skills (3): Reading Between the Lines

Experienced negotiators know that there is a special ‘language’ for negotiating. It could be very abrasive, perhaps designed to destabilise the other side; or..

October 7, 2014

Advanced Negotiation Skills (2): The Art of Preparation

We all have to negotiate, whatever we do, whether at work, home or play. Most of us learn through bitter experience that if we want to win really good deals,..

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