8 time management tips for business leaders

11/20/2018 posted in Time Management

Time is money. A stitch in time. The big time. It’s about time.

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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Elearning

10/4/2015 posted in Business, Getting Ahead, Time Management, Technology

Elearning has opened up a world of new opportunities for colleagues at every level of your organisation. By enabling individuals to access course materials remotely and by removing the need to physically attend classes, they have made studying a much more convenient option, especially for those who are working full or part-time and who want to focus on professional development.

However, there is a knack to getting the most from these web-based learning programmes. So, if you, or members of your team are about to start a course like this, it’s worth paying attention to the following tips.

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Project Management: 2 Simple Steps for the Perfect Critical Path Analysis

5/8/2015 posted in Time Management

You'll often hear these popular myths about Critical Path Analysis, "It's just theory, you don't need to use it real life" and "You can do it in your head".  Vistage Speaker and training expert, Chris Croft, believes the truth is that Critical Path Analysis is vital in the planning of your project. If you go straight to a Gantt chart it'll be much harder to draw, take ages, and be wrong. If you draw out the critical path first, probably using post its, you will then find it easy to make that into your Gantt chart, so putting in this extra stage actually makes the whole thing much easier and quicker.

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The Top 14 Project Management Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

4/24/2015 posted in Time Management

We’ve all been there, staring at a project brief and questioning where to begin; dreading the thought of Gantt charts and critical paths. Vistage Speaker and training expert, Chris Croft, believes that projects are both fun and valuable to your business, so they can’t be avoided and are worth getting right from the start. In this article he shares his tips on how to identify, and avoid the pitfalls of project management.

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For the Sake of Your Business, Stop Procrastinating Now!

9/25/2014 posted in Time Management

Procrastinating tasks is like eating apples that are past their best. If only you had done them straight away they would have been fresher and better but no, you left them until they were almost too late, or even perhaps virtually inedible!

Why on earth would a person choose to eat wrinkly apples when the world is full of fresh ones?  Why on earth would a person choose to do most of their jobs when they are nearly overdue - it's worse customer care and much more stressful to do it this way.

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4 Ways to Make Business Flights More Productive

9/9/2014 posted in Business, Time Management

Trips abroad are an almost inevitable part of any business life. Meetings with clients and supplier, conferences, as well as visits to other offices make flying essential. But these trips can often be very short, with quick a turn-around. And, while your schedule on the ground can be back-to-back, there is a risk the flight-time feels like a complete waste of valuable time. On top of that, there is all the time you spend in the airport at either end of the flight. So, what can you do to use this travel time and turn it to your advantage?

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How do you actually plan to achieve your goals?

8/13/2014 posted in Life At The Top, Time Management

Goals, benchmarks and targets. We’re all familiar with them and almost certainly use them in our professional and personal life to make improvements and to achieve more.

There will be many things that you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness and run that marathon. Or maybe you want to increase your business revenue by 25% this year.

But while we all know about goal setting there are some common misconceptions that can prevent us from achieving these goals:

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Simple Steps That Will Stop Meetings from Taking Over Your Working Day

7/29/2014 posted in Business, Time Management

Ask any business owner or CEO and they will probably tell you their working life is extremely busy. But ask them if a typical working day means getting everything on their to-do list done, and the answer may be slightly different. Even when we feel our day has been non-stop, we can still find ourselves at the end of it having done less than we hoped.

So why is this? According to Atlassian, 31 hours a month are spent in unproductive meetings, with 47% of people thinking that meetings are the biggest time waster at work. When it comes to those stuck in the most meetings, the C-Suite is easily at the top of the list, with an average of 18 hours in a 55 hour workweek spent in meetings [Source: Wall Street Journal].

But, the truth of the matter is not all meetings are made equal. While it’s not practical or possible to cancel all meetings, having a plan in place to limit the amount of time you waste or spend in meetings will help you free up time to work on that to-do list. Here are some tactics to help you limit the amount of time you spend in meeting:

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Why is sleep like Popeye’s spinach for CEOs?

7/17/2014 posted in Work/Life Balance Issues, Being a new CEO, Time Management

The average person in the UK gets 6.5 hours sleep each night [source: BBC]. This stat probably doesn’t surprise you. When a deadline is looming and the pressure is on, it can be tempting to cut an hour or two from your sleep to carry on working.

On top of this is the impression that many top executives survive on a bare minimum amount of sleep. In a typical workweek Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer is reported to sleep 4-6 hours a night, while Donald Trump gets by on just 3-4 hours [source: Business Insider].

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10 Brilliantly Effective Time Management Tips for Busy MDs

1/29/2014 posted in Business, Speakers, Leading, Not Managing, Life At The Top, Time Management

The most successful business leaders seem to be able to achieve so much in the same amount of time as the rest of us. They are taking their company from strength to strength, somehow prepared for any twist of the unexpected. Year on year they deliver excellent strategic plans with the foresight (and courage!) to adjust their course of action in order to avert potential disasters. They always seem to be ahead of the game.

But, how do they do this?

– Simply put they have enough time to focus on the bigger picture.

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