Growing a business to sell: branding and marketing

12/5/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Most business owners understand the importance of marketing, but in the heat of running a business, marketing activity often takes a back seat to service delivery.

But if you want to sell your business, potential investors will shine a very bright spotlight on your processes for acquiring and retaining customers.

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Growing a business to sell? How to prevent yourself being tied in for years

12/2/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Hello, and welcome to the third article in our series on how to grow a business to sell.

In the last article, we shared some advice on how to prepare a business growth plan.

Now, it’s time to talk about you. As the founder, director, CEO or senior leader you are one of the driving forces behind your company. You are, at least in part, responsible for its successes and failures.

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Growing a business to sell: exit strategies

11/30/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

You’ve built up your business, and you’re ready to sell. But which route to market is best for you, and your business?

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Growing a business to sell: hiring the right people

11/19/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

When it comes to maximising a business’ sale price, what’s the most important factor? 

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Growing a business to sell: Getting the foundations right

11/5/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Welcome to the first of seven articles about how to grow and prepare your business for sale.

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Getting your business ready for sale

8/28/2019 posted in Exit Planning/Strategies

Selling your business can be a major decision. When you have spent years or even decades building up your initial idea to a business of substance, value and further potential, it can be a real wrench when you finally decide to sell up.

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What does an exit plan look like?

6/6/2017 posted in Family Business, Exit Planning/Strategies

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The generation game: Why you need an exit plan for the family business

5/30/2017 posted in Family Business, Exit Planning/Strategies

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The Concept of DNA and How it Applies to Business

10/23/2014 posted in Business, Family Business, Exit Planning/Strategies


In my last article I redefined the family business, highlighted some differences between family and non-family businesses, and explored some of the advantages and disadvantages of a family business. In the future, we’ll explore every imaginable facet of family business, from securing family commitment and participation to aligning vision, mission and values, from determining family job roles to exploring leadership, management, and governance.

But, before we delve into those topics, I would like to introduce The DNA Model. I created the DNA Model as a means to ensure that all of the skills and aptitudes necessary to run a successful business are present and that they are intertwined and interwoven to ensure a strong, enduring business is built. The DNA Model is the model of success for any business, family-run or not, and is at the core of all thriving profitable businesses.

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The Reason Why I’m Not Retiring- Ever

6/18/2014 posted in Business, Life At The Top, Exit Planning/Strategies, Vistage Chair

I have no intention of retiring. None whatsoever. Even though I have spotted a few grey hairs now (how come you never spot them unit they are fully grown – at full length?)

I’m not saying that because I’m worried about my pension fund or keeping a certain salary coming in to protect my lifestyle. Working and being active is my lifestyle.

I love working – there I’ve said it.

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