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July 4, 2014

How to Achieve More Without Spending Even Longer in the Office

How many hours have you worked this week? 40 hours? 60 hours? Rather not think about just how many hours? Nearly a third of UK professionals are now working 50..

July 2, 2014

Top 10 Tips for Delegation – How to Keep the Monkeys Off Your Back

Delegation is one of the barriers to growth that we must overcome or risk being swept away by ever increasing demands on our time; diverting our focus away..

June 26, 2014

Stop! Before You Hire Another Manager Read This

It may be part of a growth strategy, succession or to resolve conflict in a team because the last guy screwed up – but whatever it is, adding a new manager to..

June 24, 2014

Why You Should Focus on Interrogating Success

When we are frustrated it can be very tempting to focus solely on what’s going wrong in our businesses because we want to stop and prevent issues from..
Leading, Not Managing

June 17, 2014

3 Ways Business Leaders Can Push Their Team to be More Productive

Do you ever get the feeling you’re putting all your energy into your business but worry that your team isn’t moving with you? You may find that giving your..
Leading, Not Managing

May 28, 2014

Why Business Leaders Need More Than a "Quick Fix"

‘Directors’ of growing businesses are not the same as ‘owner-managers’. They have different profiles, different leadership styles, different needs, different..
Leading, Not Managing

May 16, 2014

The Secret Science of Staff Motivation

In our businesses, we create incentive systems with targets and goals, we may even offer bonuses and in this sense we as leaders, try to direct our employees..
Leading, Not Managing

April 30, 2014

Most MDs Don’t Know What They Really Want - Do You?

The conference hall goes silent as I pull out the flipchart marker pen. You could hear a pin drop. A glimpse of the blindingly obvious or a stroke of genius, I..

April 25, 2014

8 Key Trends in Management Training That All MDs Should Know

I’ve been running courses for nearly 20 years, and I have identified some long term and some recent trends that are worth considering if you’re getting your..
Leading, Not Managing

March 17, 2014

9 Habits of Highly Motivational Business Leaders

Motivation is the key to effective leadership within your organisation. As a business leader it is your capacity to lead or drive change that really makes all..
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