The Challenge of Listening to Good Advice

9/7/2014 posted in Business, Getting Ahead, Being a new CEO


I think I have been really lucky in the advice I've received throughout my career – and perhaps you have too. Not all of it has been equally helpful, but apart from very specific business advice, I still recall many of the excellent tips that have been offered to me at different times in my life.  

I’d like to tell you the best advice I ever had at the end of this article. But first, why is it that taking advice from others can be so – well, difficult?   

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4 Key Benefits of Peer Advisory Groups for Business Leaders

7/23/2014 posted in Business, Getting Ahead

Imagine this situation. You’ve just been made CEO. It’s everything you’ve been working towards throughout your career and it’s a time for celebration. But, already, a few doubts are creeping in. You have some urgent questions about your new responsibilities, but nobody within your organisation to turn to for advice.

Or maybe this scenario sounds more familiar. You’ve been running your own company for several years now. But, for some reason, growth is stalling. You need some help, but you don’t know whom to ask.

It might be a cliché, but it can be lonely at the top. Within the business you’re the one everyone goes to with their questions. You’ve got the experience and learnt from a few bloody noses on the way. But what happens when you need support?

Who do you turn to?

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5 Things Really Great Business Leaders Are Obsessed With

6/27/2014 posted in Business, Getting Ahead

The principles of business growth are pretty straightforward. Find and fine-tune a formula that works, test that it can scale, and scale it. It all looks so simple when you put it on paper but the actual reality is something different. 

I know plenty of CEOs and MDs who run businesses that have got stuck somewhere between £1m and £10m. I would argue that there are five things that really great businesses are obsessed with and taking your eye off any one will leave your business potentially vulnerable:

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Feeling Positive: The UK's Current Economic Outlook (at a Glance)

5/29/2014 posted in Economy, Getting Ahead

I am pleased to share in my latest Economic Update that the UK economy is now growing across all sectors, with the exception of agriculture which shrank by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2014, but this is primarily due to the weather. Here are some of the key findings from my report in short form.

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2 Proven Methods to Help MDs Avoid Price Traps

3/19/2014 posted in Getting Ahead, Sales

After a recent keynote address, I asked one of the attendees her secret to growing their business. She replied “We just make sure that we are at least 5% below our competition.” Her response made me want to cry. OK – that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Let me help you discover that selling on price is not a sustainable way to build or grow your business. As a Leader, it is essential to guide your pricing strategy to ensure your Sales Team is not falling into price traps.

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Forget Business as Usual, MDs Need to Rediscover Their 'Why'

2/27/2014 posted in Business, Getting Ahead, Being a new CEO

Working with CEOs and managing directors of fast-growing businesses, I am asked (in one form or another), “How can you help us to grow?” I am not sure if this is the right question, for a whole series of reasons.

It is easy as a business adviser to ask the question, “Where do you want to be in three years’ time?” In practice, the answer is a little abstract for most, but it does give you an idea of the desired business trajectory. 

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Is Wearable Technology the Key to Improving Staff Performance?

2/20/2014 posted in Leading, Not Managing, Getting Ahead, Technology

Over the last few weeks, the papers have run a number of stories about the role of wearable technology in the workplace.Most of the stories have been hooked to the release of the Business Microscope.  This is a new product from Hitachi. It looks like a name badge but allows organisations to monitor the movements of their employees; track who they talk to and can even measure how enthusiastic or active they are during meetings. If the wearer makes little or no contribution to, say, a sales meeting then their lack of input can be measured and noted.

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10 Ways a CEO can Impact their Business in 2014

12/20/2013 posted in Leading, Not Managing, Getting Ahead, Work/Life Balance Issues

As the end of the year rolls closer, many business leaders begin to feel the pressures of the holiday season hit them with full force.

Retailers are ramping up their efforts to deal with the seasonal surge of customers and many are hoping that they have made the right strategic decisions when it comes to post-Christmas sales, pricing, staff, etc.

Many other businesses are facing a shortened working month with closed offices and planned staff holidays. There is a lot to think about, a lot to ponder and a lot to plan.

But the reality is that the best thing you can do for the business now is to step away, relax and reflect and start 2014 by putting your best foot forward.

Here are some tips to make that first week back in the office have real impact and get the year off to a great start. 

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The UK Job Market is up 43% - is your business ready?

10/8/2013 posted in Economy, Business, Getting Ahead

I have recently run Masterclasses with around 100 MDs, CEOs, business owners and managers of successful recruitment companies from all around the UK  and there is no doubt that the boom is here.

So, what can you do?

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CEOs worried about future employees

4/26/2013 posted in Getting Ahead

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