Why Your Team Must Focus on Results Not Resources

4/16/2014 posted in Business, Sales

Early in my prior business, I learned a valuable lesson about why it’s important to focus on results. This lesson cost my team the deal in the short term and cost the client a ton of money in the process. My company was bidding on a government agency project.

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Why SMEs Need to Adapt Their Sales Process Now!

4/4/2014 posted in Business, Sales

It is broadly understood that buyers now have access to a wide range of information and advice that they can download simply and quickly online. This has driven a significant change in the way that people buy your products. Whilst, a lot of business owners claim that their business has adapted to this change, many do not realise that their sales process is still stuck in the 1990s.

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4 Steps for Creating a Winning Business Proposal

4/1/2014 posted in Business, Sales

In a perfect world, business proposals are written to offer solutions to problems faced by prospective customers. Business proposals are supposed to help buyers get the exact products or services that they want. Unfortunately, in the real world many business proposals fall short of what they are intended to do. On top of that, recognize that in many cases, your customers might request something that is not the exact solution to fit their needs.

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2 Proven Methods to Help MDs Avoid Price Traps

3/19/2014 posted in Getting Ahead, Sales

After a recent keynote address, I asked one of the attendees her secret to growing their business. She replied “We just make sure that we are at least 5% below our competition.” Her response made me want to cry. OK – that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Let me help you discover that selling on price is not a sustainable way to build or grow your business. As a Leader, it is essential to guide your pricing strategy to ensure your Sales Team is not falling into price traps.

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3 Crucial Elements for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

3/5/2014 posted in Sales

Does your Sales Pitch, commonly referred to as an Elevator Pitch, rise to the top or sink to the Basement? As a Senior Executive, you have an opportunity to lead your company to create an Elevator Pitch that helps your people capture the attention of the listener and attract interest from the right potential client.

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How to Make Money on the Internet- 3 Essential Tips for Turning Your Leads into Sales

1/28/2014 posted in Business, Speakers, Sales


Today's business owner is well aware of the benefits of the Internet to grow their brand and boost awareness. But what use is awareness if it doesn’t lead to sales? Even if your website commands thousands of visitors a month, if none of those visitors go on to buy from you, it’s a wasted resource.

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