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November 27, 2015

10 Smart Ways to 'Change the Game' and Accelerate Growth

Ashmei is changing the game of sportswear. The small Aylesbury-based company, with an interesting Chinese name, designs sportswear, assembled from the most..

October 16, 2015

Is Your Competitive Advantage a Hit, Myth, or Somewhere in Between?

A recent Vistage Open Day in Manchester proved thought provoking, invigorating and inspired some of us into action.  Jaynie Smith opened her session by asking..

September 11, 2015

Are you a little bit Nokia?

I remember, not that long ago, if you were flying just about anywhere in the world, after landing there would be an outbreak of Nokia ringtones going off..

July 3, 2015

Successful Selling is a Science, not a Dark Art

Sales are core to any business. If you don’t sell you don’t have a business. Successful selling is like any other career, it can be scientifically learnt;..

February 25, 2015

How Business Leaders Can Empower Their Sales People

As eloquently described in Daniel Pink’s seminal book ‘Drive’ to maximise personal motivation three key elements need to be in place: Autonomy, Purpose and..

January 8, 2015

Advanced Negotiation Skills (4): Dealing with Deadlock

Deadlock is many negotiators’ worst nightmare. It happens where there may well be a deal to be done but neither side seems willing to move towards the other in..

November 27, 2014

95% of Companies Get Their Value Proposition Wrong - How Does Yours Compare?

  95% of all companies do not even know what their competitive advantages are. Much less are able to communicate a clear reason for why customers should choose..

November 20, 2014

Why is Truth Always the First Casualty of Business?

The truth is that truth is a very rare commodity in business. Would you agree that nobody tells the absolute truth in business? Would you agree that there is..

November 18, 2014

Advanced Negotiation Skills (3): Reading Between the Lines

Experienced negotiators know that there is a special ‘language’ for negotiating. It could be very abrasive, perhaps designed to destabilise the other side; or..

October 14, 2014

Why Doesn't Your Corporate Website Get Any Attention?

We spend exorbitant amounts of time online – which is why it’s more crucial than ever before that businesses cater to this online audience. The problem is,..
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